Professional Development

Professional Development Available

We help school districts, English departments, and individual teachers meet the demands of Common Core by developing rigorous, engaging curriculum centered on quality works of literature.

  • How to engage students, including “non-readers,” in the study of great literature.
  • How to use literature to create college and career ready critical thinkers.
  • How, especially after twelve years of “teach to the test” culture under No Child Left Behind, to design and implement the kind of rigorous curriculum required by the new Common Core State Standards, which focus on the critical thinking and literacy skills necessary for both college and career readiness.
  • The perception that the Common Core standards, with their increased focus on informational reading and “real world” connections, are incompatible with the study of classic literature.
  • How to develop a literature-based unit that meets all of the standards, including the Informational Reading standards.

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